What is Neuro-Training?


As the name suggests it is a modality designed to retain the human brain to function more efficiently.  The tool we use to interface with your brain is Kinesiology, which is a form of muscle testing.  A select muscle forms part of a feedback loop with the brain and can then be used to challenge the brain and elicit information pertinent to the issue you’re working on.  I liken it to having a conversation directly with your body.  It bypasses the conscious mind and deals directly with the unconscious mind/brain.


The need...

Soccer Practice

Clubs and trainers have few tools and normally involving in many cases prohibitive costs to carry out a high quality training based on neuro-training techniques (or training of nervous system towards sport capabilities). Therefore, exercises always end up being very basic and only making use of archaic methods. The lack of tools with reasonable prices is the main cause for it.

Female Soccer Players

How can it be solved?

By creating a complete system of training machines and control (aimed at improving sporting capabilities through methodologies involving the nervous system), that has a reasonable price, affordable for clubs. This system should allow developing capabilities, monitoring progress and it should be sold as a service, with the parameters provided.

Market Tools Examples


Nervous system stimulator which consists of exercises based on symbols, numbers, letters and colors


Stimulation system of executive functions, vision and memory in order to improve reaction times and other abilities based on the nervous system.

The Case

What do we have?


Innovative Market Tools

A market

A knowledge-basis (neuroscience applied to sports)

Global technological world (cloud)


We want you to develop a 

Neurotraining SERVICE for football clubs around the world.

Aim to price the service at around $50-60 per club per month.

To develop…

Worldwide Market Analysis

Worldwide analysis to achieve a global expansion

Engineering solution:

Define the system architechture to have a Neurotraining service worldwide

Engineering solution: Define the system architechture to have a Neurotraining service worldwide.

1.The Basis

With the structure and data we have, please note the basis of the system, in terms of business process, if it is a services, how this service will be offered around the world, logistics, cloud services, etc.

2.System Architecture

Engineers, must use tools to apply for a new business, cloud, devices, physical machines, people….Please describe how do you envision this architecture from technical point of view.

3.Service definitions

Commercial offer. Be free to think about new ways to convince the customer.

World wide Market Analysis: Worldwide analysis to achieve a global expansion

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The way to sucess…

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Market analysis

Engineering Solution

Business Plan

What format we ask for:

-A Power Point presentation sent to before 15:05 (11-12-2020).
-A video presentation (max 20 mins) sent to through before 23:59 (11-12-2020).

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